apparently my accidental headcanon of Seven being most hung has become accepted fannon

I don’t know what I did before, but I literally couldn’t get in the last time I tried my password.

What do you know, I got in today.

I must’ve been tired the last time I tried to access this blog.

 I’m here now.


The wall is showing colours and so is he

Pyramids  of Mars pt. 2


do you ever just sit down and realize how much a character’s life sucks


Doctor...hello. I just wanted to say. You have given us all hope. I know you are feeling down and angry with the whole universe- aren't we all? But my point is: Don't be angry Doctor. Please because it isn't worth it. And if all else fails, no that there is always someone who loves you. All of us. Here. Now. Don't be alone, Doctor. Because you aren't.

"Why that’s very kind of you, but I’ve lived a long life. I’ve live long enough to know people love me, but those people will die, they always do, and I will out live them. I’m not angry, but I am… sad."


But enough about me. Let’s talk about you, amazing you. Human and amazing you!”


"You are all so full of hope and you know what? That gives me hope!"

I’m finally dropping off. Soon sleep

Oh my god I was almost sleep and got startled awake. Mother fuck

The birds are chirping.